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Track & Field (HATF)

Welcome to Holy Angels Track & Field! 

Coaches and coordinators will use TeamSnap for team communications, schedule updates, and meet information. If you are registered, you have received an invitation to TeamSnap.

Below is some general information that may be helpful

Where are practices held?
  Unless otherwise announced, all practices will be held at St. Mark’s High School. In the event that the track is occupied (which sometimes happens without notice), we will practice on the grass fields up the hill from the track.

What time should my child arrive for practice?  Athletes should arrive at the track no later than ten minutes prior to the scheduled start of practice. The warm ups and stretches that we do at the beginning of practice are essential to a safe and productive workout. Waiting for late arrivals is unfair to the group, and will deprive the late-arriving athlete out of a proper warm-up which may result in injury. 

Per CYM regulations, coaches are required to stay onsite until all children are picked up, so please be courteous to your coaching staff and pick up athletes promptly at the end of practice!!! 

Does HATF practice in bad weather?  We generally practice in the cold (>40°F), but usually not in steady rain and definitely not if there is any lightning in the area. If the weather is looking bad, an email notification will go out prior to the start of practice informing everyone if practice has been delayed or cancelled.

What should my child wear/bring to practice?  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. Particularly in the early part of the season, make sure your child brings sweat pants/ sweat shirt or fleece, hats and gloves if necessary. Layers are always recommended. Your child should also bring water for themselves.  HATF does not allow the use of personal electronics during practices or meets, unless it is necessary to place or receive a call to/from a parent.

What type of shoes should my child wear to practices/meets?  Each athlete will require a pair of proper running shoes. Basketball shoes, “cross trainers” or other specialty shoes are not appropriate for the types of stresses that the athlete’s feet will be under during training, and are discouraged.  “Barefoot” shoes are also not recommended for children.

Track Spikes are specialty shoes designed specifically for track athletes and can improve performance, particularly in the sprinting (<400m) events. Track spikes require some getting used to, so it is a good idea to have them available by mid-way through the second week of practice. Spikes are not a required piece of equipment, but we encourage the use of spikes for best results, particularly for older athletes in the sprinting events.

Are practices mandatory?  Attendance at practice is required to participate in the meets. HATF is an instructional program; we train the children in proper stretching/warm up techniques, running form, race strategies and field event instruction. Your child will greatly benefit from regular attendance at practices. Unless specifically excused, a child must attend at least one practice during the week, to be eligible for meet participation on the following weekend.

Where are meets held?  Meets are generally held on the weekends at various facilities, mostly in northern New Castle County.  These include St. Mark’s High School, Baynard Stadium, Serviam Field, A.I. DuPont High School and Concord High School. 

How many events will my child participate in during a meet?  Typically, each athlete will participate in 2 running events and 1 field event during each meet. This may vary depending on participation, but 2 running events and 1 field event is the maximum allowed per child for each meet (per CYM regulations). 

How do I let you know if my child must miss practice or a meet?  HATF employs TeamSnap, a simple online website to “RSVP” for all meets. For Grades 3-8, it is mandatory for you to verify your child’s attendance at every meet, so the coaches can accurately compile the lineup for the meet (not a simple task!).

Does HATF need any volunteer help?  Yes. We are always looking for parents/older siblings/HATF alums that are willing to help coach. If you have any questions, or are interested in helping, please contact the coaches.

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